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Army coins are any tradition, said to have started through World War I, that need pass on to civilian life. They are called "challenge" coins because a service member, if challenged, must be capable to existing his unit's coin or buy all present a drink. Individuals and organizations distribute coins as a token to reward effort, and people collect them as a pastime. Outdoor the military, social clubs, businesses, and hobbyists want geocachers make use of military coins. Anyone may contain his or her own military coin made by the similar firms that provide military plus regime coins.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


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1 Sketch out preliminary ideas with your coin. Pick out what you desire your coin to commemorate, and whether you want a single pattern or several related coins. Most military coin manufacturers will work with you to create any final design. You need to hold the copyright or obtain permission for any artwork or symbols that you employ.

2 Contact producers, these kinds of as Pride Coins or Challenge Coins, to acquire price tag quotes on the type of coin you wish to buy. Die fees and minimum quantities will vary through producer.

3 Discuss your design ideas by way of your selected producer. Submit your sketches and any one artwork to them. Wait for them to send again finished proposals. To make numerous related coins, vary the metal or add color to a fundamental design.

4 Review the last proof of your coin plus approve it once you are gratified. Submit your order and wait for your coins to arrive.


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